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Our newest intense anti-aging serum with active hyaluronic acid and collagen boosting antioxidants, that contain vitamin C.

A miracle elixir for fine lines around the eyes, lips and neck

It stimulates collagen and elastin’s and plumps up fine lines.

Made with plant oils and botanicals that relieve inflammation and irritation. Leaves your skin feeling plump, firm and youthful.

This soothing preparation of multiple botanicals, extracts, hyaluronic acid, and clinically-studied proprietary formulations is one of the most effective Biophora products to date for its rejuvenating, antiaging, and restorative properties. Assists in minimizing puffiness and plumping fine lines around the delicate tissue of the eye area, lips and neck. 



If , : Apply to clean face, eye, lip, neck if 

If Oily Skin: Apply to a clean face, eye, lip and neck as desired and tolerated. avoid oily areas. 

(Defensil Plus-healing botanicals/HA/niacinamide/ActigenO2)